About Us

We are a family business in the security business for 10 years.

We mostly work in the Northern Beaches of Sydney but will travel to other areas if required. We have a good loyal client database at this stage most of our work is word of mouth but would like to expand on this with your help.

Quality, service, best equipment, personal addition, reliable & cost is always an issue, but we like to put quality and service as our focus, we will do free quotes and advice. Security is especially important so we will only use the best equipment. No good having a camera that will not give a good resolution when the police are looking for an incidence or a fire system that does not work correctly.

Peninsula Fire & Security are Bureau monitored by the most reliable certified grade one monitoring services to monitor burglar alarms, commercial and residential alarm systems, fire alarms and camera monitoring.

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The Monitoring Company is connected via special telephone and mobile lines, radio channels, computers, with the latest software and trained staff to monitor their customers’ security systems and call the appropriate authorities in the event of an alarm signal received. Typically, there is a fee for services rendered. Because quality and experience can vary greatly among alarm companies, prospective customers are well advised to do their own research before making a final choice. Not all alarm companies monitor the systems they install and may outsource these services to another company.

The Monitoring Company is certified by independent agencies. A leader in inspection and certification of central stations, rules must be adhered to maintain an issued certification listing, annual audits of these listed facilities to ensure compliance.

Our Bureau Monitoring Company typically offers higher levels of service and reliability because they are mandated to follow certain regulations. Higher levels of service also include a range of services and a separation from companies with conflicts of interest who may be owned or operated by entities that in fact compete with the central station’s customers.

Making Your Life Safer. We provide customised security solutions to protect your family & home

Why Choose Us

Your house isn't just a house, it's the home where we raise our kids, and spend a lot of our time. We want to ensure you feel safe and secure in your own home. At Peninsula Fire & Security, we’re proud to offer:
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Friendly, polite, clean, and experienced technicians
  • High quality products
  • 24/7 security monitoring products
  • Fast and knowledgeable support
  • Fully licensed and insured
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